Self-Adhesive Elastic First Aid Medical Health Care Treatment Bandage Blue 5cm x 4.5ml - 24 Un.



This bandage is a non adhesive tape that sticks to itself, no need for pins or other tapes to keep it together. It is ideal for applying compression to injured muscles as it does not stick to the skin or hair. Features 1.Easily adheres to itself,not stick to skin or hair 2.Easy to apply and take off 3.Permeability:After bandaging, skin can full contact with air ease of evaporation of sweat and moisture, high comfort 4.High flexibility: its length can exceed more than 200% and enhance the performance of dressing. 5.Conforms to the body,perfect for sustained compression Specifications 1.Material: Non-woven 2.Size:Blue 5cmx4.5ml 3.Color:Blue Package included 24 x bandage

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