Ultraviolet and Ozone Disinfection Trolley Lamp 300 Watts, Adjustable 180 Degree



300 Watts - - 180 Degree Adjustable Ozone & UV Sterilizer for Bacteria killing.

Far UVC Light Efficiently Inactivates Airborne Seasonal Coronaviruses Jun 30, 2020 by News Staff / Source A team of scientists at Columbia University Irving Medical Center has demonstrated that low doses of 222 nm far ultraviolet C (far UVC) light inactivate 99.9% of aerosolized seasonal coronaviruses HCoV 229E and HCoV OC43.

As all human coronaviruses have similar genomic sizes, far UVC light would be expected to show similar inactivation efficiency against SARS CoV 2 and other human coronaviruses.

Conventional germicidal UVC light (254 nm wavelength) can be used to disinfect unoccupied spaces such as empty hospital rooms or empty subway cars, but direct exposure to these conventional UV lamps is not possible in occupied public spaces, as this could be a health hazard.

Unlike germicidal UV light, far UVC light (207 222 nm) cannot penetrate either the outer dead cell skin layer, nor the ocular tear layer, nor even the cytoplasm of individual human cells.

Thus, far UVC light cannot reach or damage living cells in the human skin or the human eye, in contrast to the conventional germicidal UV light which can reach these sensitive cells.

Based on our results, continuous airborne disinfection with far UVC light at the current regulatory limit could greatly reduce the level of airborne virus in indoor environments occupied by people,” said Professor David Brenner, senior author of the study.

Source: www.scinews.com/medicine/far uvc light airborne seasonal coronaviruses 08586.hmtl

Public areas, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Schools, Offices, Supermarkets, Shops, Stores, Homes, Subways, Bus stations, etc.

➢ Options : 100W /150W/200W/ 300W
➢ Materials: Metal + quartz tube.
➢ Voltage: 110- - 220V AC
➢ Wavelength: 253.7nm
➢ Switch: Remote Control
➢ Working time: 15/30/60 mins
➢ Product Size: D23.9*93.7CM
➢ Certificate: CE FCC
➢ Warranty: 1 year



Available units: 10